A bootloader, kernel & shell utilities; made from scratch by Zer0flag

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A DOS-like operating system for the x86 CPU architecture. Has support for multiple IDE drives (IDE primary master is always the boot/system drive). Input is recieved from a PS/2 keyboard and output is given through 16-color 80x25 character VGA. A series of programs come with the operating system, they can also be loaded onto the virtual drive by the automake macro if you desire to run SystemZero inside a virtual machine.

SystemZero is licensed under the glorious GPLv3 and can be cloned from here:

Main features of SystemZero:

Basic usage of built-in shell utilities:

chain - (chain together commands) Syntax: chain $command1$command2$command3

cls - (clear the screen) Syntax: cls

color - (set the text console color scheme) Syntax: color [0 - 15 (bg)] [0 - 15 (fg)]

del - (delete a file) Syntax: del file.ext

drive - (select a drive) Syntax: drive [0 - 3 (drive code)]

drives - (list avaliable drives) Syntax: drives

edit - (edit a text file) Syntax: edit file.ext

hexedit - (edit a file in hex mode) Syntax: hexedit file.ext

format - (format selected drive) Syntax: format

copy - (copy a file) Syntax: src_drive_code:src_file dest_drive_code:dest_file

list - (list files on selected drive) Syntax: list

read - (dump text data from file onto console) Syntax: read file.ext [0 - ... (optional: read 512 byte chunk at given index)]

touch - (create a file) Syntax: touch file.ext

view - (view a file with the ability to scroll forward and back) Syntax: view file.ext

If you want to know details about building SystemZero from source, please take a look at this README document